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Lets talk about music… pop music.


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Tail end

I can’t believe it is almost end. The end of this Summer. To be honest I didn’t have own. I didn’t have my own Summer. I thought it will last longer. And I thought I will present you more of this finest music… that’s why I’m giving you a bunch of great Summer tunes to make this heat memories hit you again.

Enjoy your youth my Fellow readers…

…it disappears faster than you think

(here suppose to be another wise live truth sentence)

…but music is better than all this “wise guysing”

See you soon : )

Fans of singer Justin Bieber scream as he performs on NBC's Today Show in New York


Oh By the way…

Hey there Rocknrollas, did you know that Foster the People released new album?!
#schock #noway #teenagelove #whoisfosterthepeople #whythehellsomanyhaschtagsorwhatever #howtospellhashtag?

Well, they did. They did it very quietly in March. And I though to myself: wow, their debut album was a great LP for a Summer, this should be exactly the same.
And you know what?

you know? …

I understand now why they released “Supermodel” so quietly. It is average… no, it is not. It’s below average. Only two good songs worth listening. Trust me, you know I’m right:

and this:


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Another Summer hot Afternoon

Because my presence here is to make you feel conformable and nice (and a little bit jealous how good my taste of music is) I give you another three songs that will not allow you to forget that it is still very hot outside and you should wear sunglasses and trucker’s tank.

To make it simple: Enjoy the Summer… there may be not another one.

Now that’s 80’s Baby (again)


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I think no one remember them now. They had their five minutes in the times when MTV played video clips… I mean it was ten years ago. They sold their one song to commercial and suddenly Telepopmusik was a cool name.

But like hundreds of thousands of electronic bands they disappeared. Left two albums with music so strong hooked on last decade. Music with chill vibe, afterparty melody with commercials in the background.

Ladies and gentleman,

Just breathe…


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I know you’re there

It is so stupid and I don’t like this modern shallow “love” for the music. Some people say they love this song, this artist, this album and they didn’t even bought a single EP of him/her.
They didn’t even listen to his/her song on a proper upper middle class headphones. Some people think they are a music lovers because they have have an Ipod with 180 GB of various music

Well, let me tell you that those people are not a music lovers. They are naive and they remind me of a dog. They are cute, you can make selfie with them, hug them but they are… silly. They just howl when they hear a music… doesn’t matter what kind of music. Just throw them a stick, would you?

I especially recommends you a Haerts EP, my fellow true music enthusiast:


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This is brand new…

…and this is totally not Summer hot. It is Lykke Li. You know what that means. Sorrow, cold, ache, misery, longing and soon some Dj will remix this song as a dance hit.
But, hey, this is Lykke, she has been like this since they put her song into the Twilight soundtrack. And, what is important, she’s good at this. Her voice is full of emotional catastrophes and her lyrics just fit perfect. To be honest, I can’t imagine her singing about joyful of life or hope. Nop, stick to your misery Lykke, keep up the good work, please.

Ok, ok, I know it’s Summer and we all want to dance, drink and forget (for a while) about our burdens but, this song is great. Seriously : ).


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