Oh you special Individual

I know it’s a sacrilege but I used to have this song as a ring tone. The melody is so catchy and jolly and when your girlfriend is calling, you hear “There must be a place”. Please, don’t tell me I am wrong. I am telling you, used this song as ring tone. You won’t detest this song after a week, quite the opposite, you will like it more. But remember, make it ring only for those for who you really have warm feelings.

Talking Heads were one of the symbols of the 80’s. In many ways, musically, artistic and culturally. It is a political band, they were involved into… Into what? Into everything. They were so involved that you should know about them and listen to them. Especially you should listen to David Byrne’s lyrics and… understand them. You were into social problems? Listen to Talking Heads. You were into bohemian, artistic, underground way of life? Listen to Talking Heads. And even today, if you are narcissistic, egocentric individual [with need of plaudit (like me) ]or simply, you’re a hipster listen to Talking Heads. Definitely you should.


There must be a place is only one from a bunch of great songs that Talking Heads have. But, is some kind it is magic song. Fit exactly as a ring tone, as a love song, as a sad love song and as song about money and Wall Street. Enjoy.

Jon Snow

So do I Jon Snow. They have prevailed the pop culture in the 80’s.

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