Listen to your dad’s music.

Fleetwood Mac. Most of all my dear Readers have heard about them. Well, nothing surprised. They released 16 albums (I think), they are on tour since the 60’s and they had Stevie Nicks in the band. They are like latin-american TV series, someone, somewhere will always listen to them.

I don’t know how many members went through Fleetwood. In my opinion it is a band for 50 years old white, middle class John or Jack. I tried to listen to their early albums and I must tell you that I just couldn’t. For me Fleetwood Mac is one album only: Tango in the night released in 1987.  It is a compilation of hits I know but all those hits are now little bit dusty. So It is time my dear Readers to reminds you some of them:

and my all time favourite classic in stereo for life:

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