Wet and Warm “Not” Students Summer Songs # 9

Aaah, it’s good to be back again my fellow Readers. For almost a week I’ve been busy showing to my English family how interesting Warsaw is(yes, this is where I live). And you know what? Whatever place you try to show, whatever story you want to tell it is always scared with a World War II and the Warsaw 1944 Rising.  Almost every street, every old building… so if you want to show someone a Warsaw (and you are not a pro guide) the most important thing to do first is to get drunk. Not totally drunk, just to have this pleasant hiss in the head that allows you to tell jokes and guides you to the places where cafes, restaurants and other places with alcohol included are. Trust me, I know what I’m saying. After two days I knew that this city is just one big graveyard.

A long and offtopic start but it was intentional. Why? Because I would like you to present a Chris. Why Chris you may ask. Well, while driving with my English Companions from Surrey County we were listing to the radio and suddenly… Chris’s riffs appears in the speakers. This guy wrote hundreds songs but only one become a hit. You know it well, a fine, very fine song – Wicked Game. But, this handsome American has something more to offer. Actually, his albums aren’t forgotten they had never been discovered before I guess.

This one is even better and… has an official video:

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