Wet and Warm “Not” Students Summer Songs # 10

Do you like ABBA? Yes, yes, I know. I am not their biggest fan too. Well, all right, I appreciate their contribution to global pop music. All housewives in the world baked lot of delicious cakes with ABBA’s music in the background. And could you image how many formal letters had been written with their music on by the receptionists? ABBA is not the only mile stone in boring pop music history but also life saver during boring activities.

But, as you may remember ABBA = four suspects. Two males and two females. One of them is our guest tonight.


It’s Frida… didn’t ring a bell? Anni-Frid Lyngstad? Still nothing? Ok, doesn’t matter. She’s our guest tonight because of her album released in 1982. Something rather different from the ABBA stuff. It’s more synth, more drum machine and it’s fresh (of course fresh for 1982) and… album was produced by Phill Collins! But that is even more interesting, one of the lyrics writers was Russ Ballard!!! Ring a bell? Miami Vice? Episode with speed boats? No?! It will be in the next post. But now, Ladies and Gentleman, I give you Frida:



Oh Sweden you so crazy

Oh Sweden you so crazy


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